Online programme

Oberfläche eines Schnittprogramms

Whether analogue or not – we are here for you with our program. We cover all of our core themes in free video series! See the following list and our Youtube channel for details.

Digital Readings

Andreas Altmann – Lesung zur SIGNUM-Premiere 06/2020

Michal Hvorecký – "Troll"

Lukas Bärfuss – Gespräch mit Andreas Berger (MDR)

Artur Becker – "Der unsterbliche Mister Lindley"

Almut Ilsen & Rommy Baumann-Sevim – "Seid doch laut!" (komplette Buchvorstellung)

Kerstin Hensel – "Regenbeins Farben"

Wolfgang David – "Im Aufwind der Macht"

Utz Rachowski – "Die Lichter, die wir selbst entzünden"

Answers from a museum

Enjoy short clips from our museum, full of interesting information about Erich Kästner’s life and work, along with rarities and treasures from our museum and archive.

Episode 1 – Als ich ein kleiner Junge war

Episode 2 – Briefe aus dem Tessin

Episode 3 – Weltreise quer durchs Zimmer

Episode 4 – Pünktchen und Anton

Episode 5 – Das Blaue Buch

Episode 6 – Münchhausen

Episode 7 – Astrid Lindgren

Episode 8 – Reisen an die Ostsee

Episode 9 – Marcel Reich-Ranicki

Episode 10 – Walter Trier

Episode 11 – Elfriede Mechnig

Episode 12 – Dieter Hildebrandt

Episode 13 – Weihnachten und Familie

Episode 14 – Der Pinguin

Über das Verbrennen von Büchern


A little Kästner-ing

Are you bored? Do you wish you had a closet like the one in ‘The 35th of May’ – just step inside, and when you get out you experience the craziest adventures?

While we unfortunately cannot help you with the closet, we do have some crazy adventures for you in our treasure chest of incredible stories, tricky puzzles and fun art projects!

But remember, it’s just for clever clogs, and children have to look after their parents!

All episodes can be found here.

Look inside the MuMo online

Join us for an exciting journey through the drawers and compartments of our MuseumsMobil. Together we explore our favourite drawers, the ones with the  the funniest, most contemplative, rousing, utopian or crazy contents.

Every video looks at and discusses a different drawer. We love to hear what you think about the drawers. So, we’re looking forward to your comments and thoughts!

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MuMo’s travel reports

The MuMo team is on the road in their yellow van nearly every day, getting to know new places all over Saxony! Everywhere is unique in some way or another, has its own stories or even a connection to Erich Kästner.

In this series we look back at the places we have travelled to and tell their stories. Sometimes we might even hint at upcoming destinations – we’re sure will be back on the road again soon!

P.S. Do you have a suggestion for where MuMo should visit next? Let us know:!

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Behind closed doors

Conversations with active members of Dresden’s literary scene.

Unsurprisingly, the Covid-19 situation has brought many new challenges for the literature industry. In this series, we interviewed a range of writers in Dresden and asked them how they are dealing with the changed situation and how cultural structures can be preserved and supported.

Episode 1 – Jayne Ann Igel

Episode 2 – Willi Hetze

Episode 3 – Katharina Salomo

Episode 4 – Steffen Heidrich

Episode 5 – Stephan Zwerenz

Episode  6 – Andrea O'Brien

Episode  7 – Jörg Stübing

Episode 8 – Michael Bittner

Episode 9 – Anne Spitzner



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