Concept of the Museum

The mobile interactive micromuseum® for Erich Kästner is one of the cultural pilot projects of the early 2000s. Thanks to a visionary concept and incredible civic engagement, the novel and innovative museum was able open its doors at Villa Augustin on Dresden’s Albertplatz for the first time on February 23rd 2000, just in time for Erich Kästner’s 101st birthday.

A look inside

The mobile interactive micromuseum®

The permanent exhibition portrays the world-famous children’s novelist, Gebrauchslyriker (‘writer of poetry for everyday use’), journalist and general media enthusiast as an exemplary author of the 20th century, whose topics and voice are still highly valued. In line with the brick-like structure of the museum’s architecture, the exhibition does not give visitors a finished picture of Erich Kästner, instead showcasing various facets of his life and work.


With deliberately economical use of resources, the museum’s novel concept presents various interesting facts on several layers, allowing visitors of all ages to playfully discover the complex world of Erich Kästner. The concept offers a way to present information that focuses on re-self-guided, informal exploration, contextualising the exhibits and the visitors’ existing knowledge. The museum wants to give its visitors the gift of wonder, fun, understanding, autonomy and time.