Tour of the museum

All groups must book in advance at: or +49(0)351 8045086


For school classes
Guided tours for classes can be held on Wednesdays between 9 am and 1 pm. Groups up to 15 people including teachers can be accommodated, so big classes should be separated into groups.

The admission fee for each student and teacher is €2. Students cannot visit the museum as a class without a guided tour.


Themed tours for classes 3-6, (about 60 minutes long):

Theme 1 : ‘When I was a Little Boy’

Pupils get to explore the museum and learn about Erich Kästner’s childhood in Dresden from 1899-1919, and also get an overview of his life in Leipzig, Berlin and Munich and the diversity of his works.

Theme 2: ‘Emil and the Detectives’

Pupils explore the museum and learn about the development of the book ‘Emil and the Detectives’, as well as assorted background information about his family, his hometown and Berlin.

Themed tours for students from class 7 and older are possible on request.


Tours for classes that have to be split up into two groups:

Each group must be accompanied by a chaperone or teacher!
If the weather is nice, tours start with an introduction for the whole class in the garden of Villa Augustin. Afterwards:
Group 1 explores the museum, followed by quiz (about 50-60 minutes)
Group 2 explores the Erich Kästner neighbourhood (about 50-60 minutes) – 7 places, 7 questions, 7 examples)

The groups switch after the first session. The two groups reunite in the garden of Villa Augustin at the end.

Tours for adult groups

Are possible every Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm or after an inquiry.

Admission fee per participant: €7