Iida Azusa

Deckblatt der japanischen Abschlussarbeit über Kästner
Deckblatt der Abschlussarbeit

I want to celebrate Kästner's birthday, too. I am from Japan and live there, and I didn't know his name until 10. My teacher recommend us to read "Das doppelte Lottchen", but I didn't read that story at that time. Time goes by, and I became a university student. Although I didn't have particular reason, I decided to study german. And in the textbook, I found his work, named "Die kleine Ida". It reminded me of my teacher's advice, and I read almost all of his works. His works seemed to be full of sincere. He was honest to both children and adults. His humor made me to read more. What surprised me the most is, he wrote his works even in 1920-1940's. In university, I wrote a thesis about Kästner's works. It was very tough for me, but I enjoyed writing it. I dreamed of my going to Germany and visiting his museum. It seems difficult to go to Germany now, but I will go someday. I hope the day comes not so late. Anyway, I celebrate Kästner and his museum's birthday in Japan this year. I hope all the people who work there and their families are in good health!